Masks are an excellent method to reduce the spread of the virus, but they could be a double-edged sword if used incorrectly.
Here are some simple, but fundamental, rules to follow for correctly wear and remove the mask:
  • Before picking up the mask and putting it on, it is essential to wash your hands with soap and water or with an alcoholic detergent;
  • Make sure to wear the mask on the correct side
  • Another fundamental step is to make the mask adhere well to the face and, where present, to tighteen the rigid upper edge to the bridge of the nose. The mask must cover the nose and mouth until it reaches the lower edge under the chin;
  • You should avoid touching the mask while using it, unless you have previously disinfected your hands.

Very important is also the moment when the mask is removed. Particular care should be taken not to touch the front, as it may be contaminated.
The first step is to untie the laces or remove the straps behind the ears. The mask must be immediately placed in a closed container, such as a plastic bag, to avoid contaminating other surfaces. Immediately after removing the mask, proceed with careful hand hygiene. In the case of reusable masks, such as ours, proceed with disinfection and washing.