Many types of masks in this period are sold online and offline, some suitable for the population and others more suitable for medical personnel and those who are, for work, in close contact with the public.

The first ones we are going to describe are the surgical masks, the classic disposable ones. These masks may be useful to reduce the risk of virus transmission, but they are not indicated to protect the wearer. They are the most commercialised masks.  It is essential to learn how to wear them well, as improper use makes them useless. First, they must adhere well to the face and cover the nose and mouth, and they must also be changed frequently: if they get wet, their effectiveness against the passage of viral particles is lost. The surgical masks should be changed daily and the one just used should be disposed of.

FFP2 without valve. These masks are suitable for those who, due to work requirements, are in close contact with the public or as personal protection for people in close contact with potentially infected people. These masks are able to reduce the risk of transmission to almost zero and have a higher level of protection than traditional disposable masks for the person that is wearing them.

FFP2 with valve. These masks block all access to incoming viral particles, but due to the presence of the valve in outgoing it may allow the virus to pass through. These masks are useful for those who are in close contact with infected people, such as medical personnel and external help.

FFP3 masks provide the best protection at the entrance by completely blocking the possibility of exchange with the outside for nose and mouth. They are characterized by an exhalation valve and are used by medical personnel in intensive care wards or where Covid infected patients are present.

The Dillon Masks are unsuitable masks for medical personnel, but useful to the population. They are similar to surgical masks but with a longer duration (from 8/10 hours) and with the possibility to be reused after a thorough wash (up to 10 times). They are cotton masks produced by craftsmen who have been working in the textile industry for years, which in addition to providing certified protection are comfortable and soft for the wearer. Dillon masks are made from natural fabrics, so they do not cause skin irritations.