Why wear a mask?

Wearing a mask is the first preventive measure against the spread of covid-19. This is because this virus spreads through droplets that transmit germs to the air when two people are close together, sneezing, coughing or talking. So wearing the mask is essential before even putting on gloves, since the skin, in any case, is a perfect shield against the attack of pathogens, unlike the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth in the first place and then also of the eyes ( less sensitive thanks to the antiseptic power of tears). Furthermore, the use of the mask protects the people we meet and those close to us, because by wearing it, aware that anyone can be a healthy carrier of the disease, we avoid, thanks to its water-repellent ability, to be unconscious greasers.

The use of the mask is also expressed in a form of respect first and foremost for the weakest, susceptible to serious damage, such as the elderly and those who suffer from previous and immunosuppressive diseases; secondly to those who are forced to wear masks 12 hours a day such as health personnel, public security agents, traders, shopkeepers, drivers etc.

Every possible way to contain the spread of the contagion is essential to happily and safely conclude the quarantine to which we are subjected, and to avoid the recurrence of the virus, which would be a worse tragedy.

Why choose a reusable mask?

The mask, which will be part of our kit to leave the house for some time, is useful to be comfortable and easily sterilizable. It should not be forgotten that even the masks can be a vehicle for the transmission of the virus if not disinfected or, in the case of disposable ones, thrown in the waste after use.

The continuous use of disposable masks significantly increases the amount of special waste and, in the long run, is also very expensive for those who use them. On the contrary, the reusable cotton masks, in addition to being more comfortable, last for multiple washes and sterilizations, necessary to make sure that the virus particles present on the surface are not dispersed into the environment through accidental contact with people. A good rule  is to have more than one mask available, so that you can sterilize and replace it every day.