The Real Super Soft Dillon is a filtering mask made of fabric for precautionary purposes and handcrafted

INTENDED USE: to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus; it is intended for the community, for individuals present throughout the national territory to respect the precautionary rules.

It is recommended to accompany the use with the observation of all the other precautionary rules.

Not  is intended for healthcare personnel (DM) or workers (PPE)


D.L. March 17, 2020, n. 18, Art. 16 paragraph 2 (Additional protective measures for workers and the community)

- For the purposes of paragraph 1, until the end of the state of emergency referred to in the resolution of the Council of Ministers on 31 January 2020, individuals present throughout the national territory are authorized to use filter masks without the CE mark and produced notwithstanding the current marketing standards.

Circular of the Ministry of Health of 18.03.2020

- The provision in question allows all individuals present on the national territory, who are however required to comply with the provisions on social distancing and the other precautionary rules introduced due to the Covid-19 emergency, to use, as a precaution , filter masks that for their destination are not configured as DM or PPE. It is understood that these masks cannot be used during the service by health workers or by other workers for whom the use of specific safety devices is prescribed. Again in relation to this case, it is recalled the absolute need that the manufacturers of the masks mentioned above guarantee that they do not cause damage or cause additional risks for users according to the intended use of the manufacturers.

CLP COMPLIANCE, reg. CE n. 1272/2008 and reg. nr. 1907/2006 REACH. Fluoro free.

- Does not contain substances that cause damage or cause additional health risks for users.


To make its contribution to the containment of the infection, the textile company Thema srl ​​of Como uses its skills to make masks for civil use.
 THEMA SRL - Via Carso 14 - 22100 Como - VAT number 01245660137
THEMA srl of Como, known for 130 years on the Italian and International market with the Fumagalli 1891 brand, is a historic artisan reality in the Como textile district, specialized in high quality products, made with care in Italy. The production focuses on the packaging of men's accessories, in silk and noble fabrics. The creativity of one of the oldest ties in Italy has its roots in the precious designs contained in the "historical archives of limited editions", which tell the origins of Fumagalli in the city of Milan and the incredible history of the textile and manufacturing sector of the lake Como - as well as with active collaboration with the local textile production industries.